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What's The Meaning of Solvent Extraction?

We've created two types of edible oil extraction (rotor extraction and loop extraction). Till now, over ten edible oil extraction companies with operating capacity over 1000MT have been constructed. Less water, power, steam and solvent consumption; less oil residue in meal, top quality completed meal and crude oil are teh advantages make our oil extraction style, installation, and equipment welcomed.

Rotation speed of Loop Extractor may be adjusted according to quantity from the incoming oil-bearing supplies. Additionally, constant material level in the above Buffer Tank avoids solvent leakage. It's unfavorable pressure in the extractor, which reduces solvent leakage. Fresh solvent use and oil residue in meal will probably be decreased by advanced miscella circulation, it'll also improve miscella concentration and decrease quantity of miscella entering into the evaporation system to conserve energy.

Percolation filtration will be simple with thin material layer in extractor. Extraction corner will be decreased from the turnover at the bending part of Loop Extractor. Meal in miscella will probably be greatly increased. Before entering into the evaporation method, we need to eliminate themeal.

Depend on quantity of the incoming material, the Rotation speed of Rotor Extractor and Air Lock is adjustable Maintain constant material level in the above Buffer Tank make it easy to form unfavorable pressure in the extractor and constant material level reduces solvent leakage.

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